Paul Dirks With more than 30 years in the power generation industry, Paul Dirks began a private engineering consulting company, Paul Dirks Engineering (PDEngineering) in 2009.

Throughout his career, Mr. Dirks has consistently refined his proven capabilities working for a major regulated utility, an independent power generation company, and a well-regarded engineering consulting firm. His record of industry knowledge and experience is reflected in the many service offerings, equipment knowledge and projects described here.

Process control of energy production requires experience in all aspects of the highly sophisticated system of energy balance at the plant operations level. PDEngineering delivers with specialized knowledge and hands-on “in the trenches” experience that sets the company apart, making it the go-to-team when you require process, instrumentation, or controls engineering consulting services.

Mr. Dirks brings a specialist’s knowledge and a generalist’s sensibilities. His expertise is reflected in historical knowledge and tested ability providing a unique advantage needed to understand, design, restore, and fix power plants; including steam production plants and emerging energy companies in the startup or development stage.

Specialization + High-Value Real-World Experience = Success
The combination of PDEngineering’s unique knowledge and talents can be leveraged in all aspects of a project: from a large facility developments to a small installation—from new and sustainable energy development to existing and/or aging power production facilities. Mr. Dirks and his PDEngineering team bring a rich and diverse understanding of process knowledge especially processes involving thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and dynamics, heat transfer, in combination with their respective control systems.

PDEngineering retains experience in every aspect of what it takes to make electricity due to over 30 years of working directly at power generation sites responsible for all phases of projects large and small.

We invite you to bookmark this site and refer to the extensive cross-referencing of our services, equipment and project experience when you require reliable and creative engineering on your next project.

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